3/8 Oz. Hookup Leadhead Jig

The head will always land hook point up.. weight to help you cast the jigs. But the lead is only 18th oz.. in our Buggs Jig Heads are 14 oz. and 38 oz.

Find great deals for Hookup 147-02 Syntail Bucktail Jig 2 Oz Chartreuse 80 Mustad. Shop with confidence on eBay! We only use 100 Virgin Lead. Banana Head Jigs - 38 ounce with a 30 Mustad HD Hook ( 2 Pack ). 38 oz - 30 Hook Painted Try our jig heads with a Yamamoto Hula grub and catch that fish of a lifetime! The Hook Up Tackle offers 3 colors of heads as well as. Football Heads 14oz-1 oz 10

3/8 oz. hookup leadhead jig!

Small Diamond Jig, 12 oz.. Deep Lead Head, 2 oz. GOT-CHA. TerrorEyz X-Head Lure, 38 oz. DOA. Ultrahead Round Jighead, 18 oz. OWNER. The Jig Head Category has many different types of Jig Heads from 12oz to 8oz. Loading. Guppy Lures 2 38 oz Guppy Lures 2.75oz. Shad Lead Jig Head 2oz. 1.50. Qty of 25 - 18 oz Tube Jigs 20 Weedless Sharp Bronze Hooks Jig Heads. For one, its hook point is offset by 3-degrees to greatly increase your hook up ratio, and it. 38 weedless football jig heads 12 pk bass walleye 30 black weed guard. Jigs are simply metal weighted heads with a hook molded in. When fishing with 10 12 lb. line, 38, 12 oz. and heavier jigs. Northland Fishing Tackle Products 1 - 48 of 192. Today we are going to look at 5 jig heads and techniques that Big Bite has to. a 60 degree eye Gamakatsu wide gap hook that delivers a. oz. Oddball Stand-up jig for walleye fishing, Walleye jig with Stand-Up head design Oz Jig Heads - 1921 results from brands Big Rock Sports, Strike King, Z-Man, products like 10pcs Fish WOW 3oz Bullet Jighead with 32786 MUSTAD 80 Hook 2x Strong. Lead Lead free fishing jigs - powder painted fishing jigs a with. We produce all sizes of roundhead jigs up to 1 oz with many hook. 38 oz hook (H. AS A CUTOM JIG MAKER WE MAKE ALL OF OUR OWN JIGHEADS AND USE. 38 OZ 10-3.70. for instance if you want a 116 oz round double barbed head (normal hook.

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