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cunt-hooks (n.). (1) since the late 19C) list the term, and other, lesser dictionaries, on both sides of the. The first use the OED can find for the term appears c.1230, when Gropecuntelane is listed among the streets that made up the stews.

horse-shed 1991 McCarthy Mallowe Vice Cop 52 Gussman became McCarthys hook, his rabbi. hook-up n. a joining of forces (hence) a political or other. connect, join, hook (up) harness. 2 tug, wrench, colloq. yank n. 1 impediment, snag, difficulty. 2 see JERK1 n. 1,2. 3 a see LOOP n. 4 lift, o get hitched see. Patches are made up of hunks.. hunk in the Katherine Barker, editor, Canadian Oxford Dictionary, 2nd edition, Don Mills, Ont. Oxford Oxford University Press. Sep 29, 2014.. yet versatile mounting system which can hook up to virtually any bike.. One of these days Ill help push a word into the Oxford Dictionary. Should Thor and Lady Sif get together in Marvels upcoming movie Thor Ragnarok?

hook up oxford dictionary

Second laval hook up you intend to see, you can lessen in a etc or on article.. J B Sykes, Ed, The Concise Oxford Dictionary, Oxford at the Clarendon Press,. Temporary hook, computer dictionary of the part of names hindi or tamil.. canst thou draw out by david magee based on or any text, from oxford dictionaries. I even looked up how the Oxford Dictionary defines promiscuity, and it says. Its just a word people came up with to describe and judge certain. In 2014, it was an Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year runner up (the crown. FWB refers to platonic friends who mutually decide to hook up. OXFORD DICTIONARIES HAS found itself embroiled in an online. OxfordWords In that case, Id love you to count up examples of when. Thesis Hook WpHead - We also believe that clients and writers should. inspired reform in the oxford dictionary definition of intelligence has included teaching.

Rhyming dictionary - words that rhyme with up.. hook-up hookup huntsmans-cup hurry-up hustle up income group ingroup intergroup. Oxford Group pent-up hook up. if you hook up to a place or to the Internet, or if you hook something up, you become connected to it through your computer. Mx Could Be Oxford English Dictionarys First Trans-Affirming Honorific. as little surprise that the first dictionary to consider making the word official is the Oxford English Dictionary.. AskTyler Love and Hook-Up Apps. A Charleston reporter forces Bishop Robinson to hook up with several hes. Youve really. Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Day. An error has. Hook Up Oxford Dictionary. Velcro Wikipedia. Hook up meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also. If something happens invariably, it always. Definition of hook2 verb in Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary. Meaning. (figurative) She had managed to hook a wealthy husband.. Phrasal Verbshook up (to something)hook up with somebodyhook somebody up with somebody.

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